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Framed(Supervised) by a professional of the glide, you will follow a personalized education(teaching), to understand(include) the ocean, progress in complete safety and acquire the technique necessary for the practice of the surfing.The instructor(monitor) chooses the best spot(spotlight) according to the tide and to the level of each. Present in the water, he(it) will follow step by step your progress.                       To organize sessionsHomogeneous, the courses(prices) are determined according to the technical level and to the age in several categories: beginner, amateur, perfectionnement.


Frame of the courts


Adapted equipment

To optimize the progress of the pupils, NV surfing school proposes you a wide range of boards adapted according to the size and to the level of the pupils surfers.All the equipment is supplied during the duration of yard. (Shorty, complete combination(overall) for day more fraiche)Just come accompanied with your shirt of bath and your towel(briefcase) and do not forget the sun cream!


Instructor(Monitor) awarded a diploma by state of surfing 2003, diplomé BNSSA (Patent Swimming Rescue Aquatic First aid).

Learning of the environement: the beach, the tides, the sandbanks, baines, common(current) …

For the most experimented pupils, the orders(deposits) on the attitude to be had in the wide, as well as a sensitization in the régles of priorities and safety(security).

Bag of spot first aid in case of intervention.

Equipment of surfing corresponding to the education of the surfing.


optimal security


Beginner: I want to discover and to enjoy myself with my friends.I never got up on a board, I come rarely to the ocean, I discover completely this element. I took classes(courses) of surfing long ago and I do not remember any more gestures.I manage to get up on the board but I do not arrive has to keep(guard) the balance.


Amateur: I have already surfed!I surfing at least once in the yearI would like to cross(spend) the bar, to know how to place me and take my wave.I would like to acquire the technical knowledge to pass at the superior level.


Perfection: I know how to cross(spend) bar and I know how to take place more at least in the peakI want to work my oar and my take off.I would like to know how to position my body following the direction(management) of the wave.My trajectories follow the trimline.


 prevision surf..

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